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Pool/Pavillon Information

The pool is closed for the season.
Click here for the Swim Team Website

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are open for play every day from 8am to 10pm. Please sign up on a sheet outside the tennis court entrance to reserve a court.


2018 HOA Vote Results
Elaine Ramer (Board Member) 75 Yes 1 Abstention
2018 Operating Budget 65 Yes 13 No 1 Abstention
2018 Capital Budget 65 yes 13 No 1 Abstention

Proposed Amended Bylaws
Spring 2017 Newsletter
Pavilion Information

Amenities Area Key Fobs

If you are in need of a key fob for the amenities areas please see one of the life guards at the pool, or contact the property manager at the clubhouse at 865-691-8699.

Contact the Board

Forms to Contact the Board
President: Rocky King
Vice-President: Elaine Ramer,
Secretary: Larry Elmore, Sherwood,
Treasurer: Peter Sowa,

Board of Directors: Larry Elmore, Sherwood; Peter Sowa, Sherwood; Rocky King, Abbey Court; Andy Barre, Dickinson Row; Elaine Ramer, Hemingway Grove. Rocky King is the At-Large Member and will represent Hillshire and Isherwood also.

Property Manager: Jim Kelly,
Clubhouse: 865-691-8699

ARC Committee:
Pete Sowa
Steve Drevik
Mark Leitman
Steve Holtermann

Swim Team:
Leigh Ann Young

Community Events

Upcoming Events
Summer Celebration Pool Day - June 17, 2017. 2:00pm-7:00pm.
Recent Events
Photos from 2014 Summer Festival
Older Events
Photos from Summer Carnival Movie Night!
End of Summer Movie Night

Electronic Payment Information

If you would like to set up electronic bill pay for you homeowners fees, please contact your bank. Our mailing address is:

Whittington Creek HOA
1800 Whittington Creek Blvd
Knoxville, TN 37922