Whittington Creek Home Owners Association Fence Guidelines

All perimeter (lot line) fencing constructed in Whittington Creek shall be of the approved fencing type only. The following are our Guidelines:

  • No plastic fence material allowed; No simulated brick shall be permitted;
  • Complete the Architectural Review Request Form and submit to the Property Manager; The Completed Architectural Review Request Form must have an attached Diagram showing how the fence and Pillars will be positioned on the property in relation to existing structures;
  • A three foot setback must be maintained from the property line to the edge of the newly constructed fence;
  • Locate iron pins at all lot corners in areas where fence will be located by using a metal detector or hire a surveyor and once the pins have been located then mark with flags to help determine your three foot setback;
  • Fence height shall be no less than 52 inches and no greater than 60 inches;
  • Wood fence material must be painted and paint color must be described on the Architectural Review Request Form; All exterior wood, including decks, hand rails, banisters, etc., must be painted;
  • The fence color should match the color of the house trim and shall be compatible with colors of the natural surrounding and other adjacent property;
  • Pillars/Columns must be of sufficient construction (size, height, depth) so as to support fence/wall consistent with exiting pillars/columns in neighborhood (ex: brick 16′ wide; 84″ tall; 18″ deep);
  • Pillars/Columns shall be placed in all lot corners and in addition, depending on property outlay, should be no further than 30 to 40 feet apart;
  • The brick and mortar must be identical to that used on the house. In the case of a stucco home, it must match the stucco;
  • All corners must have a brick or stucco column and a column must be present on at least one side of any gate to improve support unless the gate is adjacent to the home itself;
  • Install a gate on at least one side for access from the front of the home; preferably on the driveway side; and

If have questions call the Property Manager at Whittington Creek or use the contact us form.