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Clubhouse Rental Guidelines



The following guidelines are intended to help residents understand the

clubhouse reservation policy and to be familiar with the more important

rules regarding that policy. The guidelines are to ensure that all homeowners have an equal opportunity to use the clubhouse and the facility is maintained in good condition. Each homeowner under a rental

agreement is responsible for the conduct of his/her family, guests and service personnel while using the clubhouse. Proper use and care will allow the continued enjoyment of the facility by all. The Board asks that you treat the clubhouse with the same care and respect you would your own home.




  1. The number of persons in the clubhouse shall not exceed 40 occupants.

  2. All event activities must be confined within the clubhouse building. The doors must remain closed for the duration of the event.

  3. As a courtesy to neighbors living near the clubhouse, music and noise must be kept to a reasonable volume level.

  4. No live music or DJ?s are allowed inside or outside the clubhouse.

  5. Teenage Parties may be held, but must have adult supervision and end by 9pm.

  6. All furniture must be returned to its original place at the end of your

  7. All utensils must be cleaned and put away.

  8. Do not set up any tables on carpeted areas.

  9. Do not nail, tack, tape or otherwise physically attach materials to any part of the facility.

  • The homeowner must be present during the entire rental period and until the last guest is gone. Gates will be locked at the conclusion of the party so all cars must be removed from the parking lot.

  • Smoking is prohibited in or outside the Clubhouse.

  • Events open to the general public for which an admittance fee are charged is strictly prohibited. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Commercial activities are allowed in the clubhouse only as approved on an individual basis.

  • No Food Trucks.

No unlawful activity shall be conducted in the clubhouse at any time nor shall any inappropriate behavior be allowed.


  1. The clubhouse may be rented solely by an association member/homeowner in good standing.

  2. WCHOA Board reserves the right to deny use of the clubhouse for any reason including but not limited to the delinquent payment of dues or prior misuse of the facility.

  3. A cleaning fee of $75 will be made payable to Lisa Fee when the clubhouse is used for a gathering/party. When the clubhouse is merely used for a meeting, no cleaning fee will be required. The Property Manager, with the consultation from the Board, will differentiate between the two.

  4. Rental reservations are accepted on a 1st come/1st served basis.

  5. The clubhouse may be reserved up to one year prior to an event and not less than 5 days in advance. Reservations are accepted by email to pm@whittingtoncreek.org or by calling the Property Manager at 224-4999.

  6. The clubhouse is available for rental during the following times: 9am- 9:30pm Sunday-Thursday and 9am–11pm Friday and Saturday. The clubhouse is not available for rental on January 1st, Easter Sunday, July 4th, Thanksgiving, December 24th & 25th or December 31st.

  7. Homeowners will be given all the details of obtaining access to the clubhouse after the reservation is final.

  8. Additional rules and regulations may be implemented without notice at any time by the discretion of the WCHOA Board of Directors.

  9. WCHOA Board meetings are not subject to the reservation policy.

















I have read and agree to abide by the rules of use and rental requirements of the Whittington Creek Clubhouse.


__________________________                    _______________________

Homeowner's Signature                                  Date



__________________________                    _______________________

Phone number                                                 E-mail


Please sign and return this form along with a $75 check made payable to Lisa Fee to the Homeowner's Box located in front of the clubhouse to confirm your reservation.





Door Access Code:­­­­­­­­_________________________________


Any questions or changes contact the Property Manager

 Jim Kelly 224-4999 or pm@whittingtoncreek.org
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