Whittington Creek

Summer Pavilion Rules


The purpose of the Pavilion at Whittington Creek is to promote neighborhood interaction and fellowship.


  1. The Pavilion is available for use on a first come, first serve basis, unless it is reserved in advance for scheduled parties.
  2. During the summer pool season, the Pavilion will be available during the hours that the pool is open.
  3. Reservations may be made by contacting the Property Manager or Pool Manager.
  4. The kitchen is only available for Members to use to store their food and refreshments by advance reservation. Members should remove all food and foodstuff from the kitchen before they leave the     Members should clean up after themselves and dispose of trash in cans located in the Pavilion
  5. Be courteous to other homeowners by vacating the Pavilion after your meal or other use.
  6. Pavilion chairs and tables shall remain in the Pavilion at all times.
  7. Do not nail, tack, tape, or otherwise physically attach materials to any part of the facility.
  8. No pets are permitted in the pool area or the Pavilion.
  9. The Pavilion is not to be used for storing personal items, towels or other items while Members are using the swimming pool. Tables and chairs are available at the swimming pool for that purpose.
  • No Food Trucks.


  1. Gas grills are available at the Pavilion for the use of Members.
  2. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to use the grills.
  3. Members must turn the gas off after each use.
  4. Members should clean the grills following each use.
  5. Members should clean utensils and return to proper place.