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Window  Replacement  Notice:


Recently many of you have received in your mailbox direct marketing fliers from Magnolia Window and Door Company and Renewal by Anderson offering replacement window and other home improvement services. These companies along with CRS Exteriors offer vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows which do not meet our standards and requirements as established by our covenants.


As a reminder, our covenants require that windows be of “wood construction”, (but may be clad on the exterior with a coating that requires no maintenance and protects the wood from rot) and be first approved prior to installation by our Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”).  The Whittington Creek Homeowners Association Board (“Board”) has authorized our Property Manager to inform these companies that their vinyl and fiberglass windows do not meet our covenants, which require windows be of wood construction.  Our efforts to stop solicitation in Whittington Creek have fallen on deaf ears and we want our homeowners to know that these types of non-conforming vinyl and fiberglass products are not permitted in Whittington Creek homes.  The Board has never pre-approved the installation of vinyl and fiberglass windows.  The problem is not just with these three companies, but any company selling windows with vinyl and fiberglass construction. There are many window companies that offer a far superior wood window with extruded aluminum coating that are less expensive and a better quality window than vinyl or fiberglass, contrary to what a salesman might tell you. We would hate to require a homeowner to remove these vinyl and fiberglass windows that were installed without prior approval from our ARC.


Our covenants require that prior to the purchasing or installation of any exterior product to your home or property, that it first be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.   This includes exterior painting of your home (even if it is the same color), major renovations, pavers, etc. An ARC form is available on line at whittingtoncreek.org (under documents) or at the clubhouse.  Remember, you can always contact our Property Manager or Assistant Property Manager with any questions at (865) 691-8699.



Section 1.  Purpose, Powers and Duties of the Architectural Review Committee.  The purpose of the Architectural Review Committee is to assure that the installation, construction or alteration of any Structure on any Lot is submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for approval (i) as to whether the proposed installation, construction or alteration is in conformity and harmony of external design and general quality with the existing standards of the neighborhood and with the standards of the development of the Property.